Corporate Responsibility

We in PwC are constantly seeking to increase our impact on society. Our strategy focuses on social relevance and is designed to underline this ambition.

According to our CR strategy, we believe that PwC can be part of the solution to the global challenges which we want to approach through our CR agenda in two ways:

Doing the right thing:

which means playing our part on responsible business issues that are central to our business – from the quality of our services and the diversity of our People, to our engagement with communities and our environmental footprint.

Being a catalyst for change:

which is about using our skills, voice and relationships to work with others and influence activities that make a difference, create change and have a lasting impact on the world around us.

These aims form the core of our CR Strategy and across the PwC network, all firms support these goals.

Our leadership ladders

Our leadership ladders set minimum standards and provide guidance on how PwC firms achieve leadership in corporate responsibility. 

The four steps of the ladder are: Foundations, Moving Further, Good Practice, Leadership

Each of the four steps of the ladder considers four dimensions: behaviour change, strategy and policy, measurement and engagement and impact assessment.  

Our CR strategy is tailored to our specific strengths and opportunities, as a network of professional services firms. To align and structure our CR activities, we focus on four areas in which PwC People across the world can play their part:

Our Focus

We recognise the important responsibility we bear as professional advisors to the business community and we believe that many of today’s biggest business opportunities lie in society’s biggest challenges

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Community engagement is a fundamental element of the PwC culture. We at PwC Cyprus aspire to be a great corporate citizen by playing a leading role in the community through everything from charitable giving and volunteering to business partnerships for community development.

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We are constantly working to make our operations more environmentally efficient, by reducing the consumption of energy, printing less colored copies and measuring and reducing our carbon footprint.

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We seek to strengthen the business skills and expertise of the entrepreneurs to add strategic value to them.

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We create Thought Leadership materials on topics that are critical for the Cyprus economy such us:

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We create Thought Leadership materials on topics that are critical for the Cyprus economy such us:

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