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At PwC, we respect and value differences. 

We know that when people from different backgrounds and with different points of view work together, we create the most value – for our clients, our people and society.

At PwC, we believe in authenticity.

Authentic individuals who bring their whole self to work can direct all their energy and passion to their work rather than in trying to be some other version of themselves. Authentic individuals therefore have a bigger impact in teams, are more creative and more innovative.

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At PwC, creating a work environment that is inclusive and diverse is a top business priority.

To enable authenticity to thrive, it is not enough to have diverse teams; inclusion is equally important. A psychologically safe environment and inclusive behaviours are key enablers of authenticity and are strongly linked to a sense of belonging in a team.

By achieving this, people become the best version of themselves, in terms of wellbeing, productivity, innovation and creativity.

Aiming for equity rather than equality

By recognising and valuing differences, we therefore aim to give everyone what they need to be successful, rather than treating everyone in the same way.

“When the playing field is not level, to ensure equality in the workplace, we need to be fair and not equal.”

Cleo Papadopoulou, Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer


I&D is embedded in our DNA. As a purpose-led and values-driven organisation, we are using the talent and resources of PwC to be a voice for change. We aspire to lead the market through our own I&D strategy.

We know that the I&D journey is one of the most difficult challenges for an organisation to take on — but like most things of utmost importance, it is the right thing to do. We will continue to be bold, intentional, transparent and unwavering in our commitment.

“Supporting pay equity between different demographic groups, such as men and women, builds trust with our stakeholders and is a demonstration of our commitment to solving the world’s most important problems, namely, global inequality.”

Bob Moritz, Global Chairman at PwC

Inclusion & Diversity Podcasts

Fostering Inclusion: Being Me

Welcome to our new podcast series entitled 'Fostering Inclusion: Being Me'.

Our Inclusion & Diversity Committee Member, Larry Obichie, is the main host of the podcast. In the podcast, Larry chats with colleagues to showcast what Inclusion and Diversity in the workplace (and not only) means to them, via real-life stories exchanging, shedding light on underrepresented people, and surfacing diverse perspectives.

Watch here

External events & actions

At societal level, we are constantly striving to find ways to influence the wider economic, educational and social sectors of Cyprus, for a fairer society.

We also help our clients to design their own inclusion and diversity programmes, to increase people engagement and have better business outcomes. - Click here to find out more

2021 - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference - Accelerating the pace of change

Think Tank - Improving Gender Diversity in the Finance sector

Milestones of our I&D journey so far

As of 2014, Inclusion & Diversity became a high business priority for PwC Cyprus and a dedicated Partner is in charge of our actions and initiatives. Internally, we have an I&D Team with 2 I&D officers, as well as a wider I&D Committee to ensure diverse representation of several people in the firm.

Further to guidance from the PwC Network, decisions and actions are constructively discussed and consulted within the I&D Team, the wider Committee to ensure impact and independence.

Diversity 2014


  • Diverse Representation: Introduced gender diversity in promotion panels for all our people
  • Equal Employer Accreditation: PwC Cyprus accredited as an ‘Equal Employer’ by the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance
Diversity 2015


  • HeForShe: Cooperated with the UN to establish a website with information, tools, and resources to achieve change, by focusing on men acting as allies to women
  • I&D Month: Held a full month dedicated on activities for generational, gender, and cultural diversity within our firm
Diversity 2016


  • University presentations: Engaged with universities in Cyprus to influence future leaders on having an ‘open-mind’ and raise awareness on the importance of inclusion and diversity
  • Talent Refresher: Implemented tools that helped us to drive greater diversity in PwC and across each phase of the talent cycle


  • Measuring & Learning: Added topics on our learning curriculum, such as bias awareness. Also, we calculated inclusion indices and rolled-out trainings to leadership


  • Women’s Day: Learning interventions and donations to local organisations
Diversity 2016


  • PwC was awarded with the renewal of the ‘Equal Employer’ accreditation, by the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance for implementing ‘good practices’ aimed at promoting equality in the working environment.
  • Maternity and Paternity: PwC decides to continue paying colleagues who go on Maternity and Paternity leave, in their full salary, for the whole duration of their leave.
  • Launched our Circles of Empowerment sessions, aiming to inspire, support and empower primarily our female talent, via informal gatherings
Diversity 2016


  • Building an inclusive Partnership: Voluntary external assessment by PwC Australia
  • Connected with the EMEA Inclusion & Diversity team, and participated in a session on the History of the LGBT+ community in Cyprus.
Diversity 2016


  • EMEA Shine Week: Participated in the organisation of the EMEA Shine Week and co-hosted a session alongside PwC UK on how to be a better ally to the LGBT+ community.
  • EMEA Women’s week: Hosted a session focusing on the damage done by the pandemic to women and minorities.
  • Developed and implementing of an action plan to enhance inclusive leadership, including a target of 50:50 Partner Nominations in the next 5 years
  • Held Unconscious Bias Training for all staff



Internal Network

Networking contributes to personal and professional fulfilment and success. That's why our firm has an internal diversity network (BeMe@PwC) aiming to provide a sense of community, inspiring and supporting diverse talent and raising awareness of diversity within our firm and creating a genuinely inclusive culture at PwC.

BeMe@PwC Cyprus: An internal informal space where colleagues can share ideas on news, trends, and everything that lets us harness the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace. As well as the personal development and support of each one involved in the network, the network also aims to identify new business opportunities for the firm, further supporting our strategy to be a leader in I&D.


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