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PwC Cyprus Experience Center is a community of solvers, inventive researchers, strategists, designers, and technologists combining creativity, research and the wide spectrum of the organisation's services to help you achieve your goals.

Time to rethink everything!

We work at the intersection of Business, Experience and Technology, combining the best of PwC in a way that’s fast, agile and accountable, from ideas, through execution, to delivery.

To accomplish this we bring together new talent, a novel methodology and cutting-edge technologies to help you with your digital transformation.

This way we create visionary and immersive experiences that reframe the possible. Experience non-traditional, experimental, creative and truly disruptive outcomes that go beyond digital and the latest technologies.

PWC Experience center
PWC Experience center

Design & Build experiences that drive growth and transform businesses

Nowadays customers expect excellent experiences regardless of brand or industry. Such experiences should bring value in terms of optimized reputation, retention and reduced cost to serve.

By measuring and tracking experiences against critical dimensions, we focus our creative energy on the right challenges and understand ways of improving them for lasting impact.

Our specialists can support you in every step of your digital transformation, from strategy, through execution.

Your physical & digital ideas come to life in the Experience Center

Our Experience Center brings together a network of business experts, technology specialists, creatives, strategy leads, and user-testing experts to generate ideas and create a vision that solves identified challenges of the future.

We introduce new work processes and through agility, the lean start-up method and design thinking, we help you explore the impact of digital transformation and holistic customer experiences on physical and digital space.

We would be pleased to help you build the foundation for your digital transformation.

Our Design Thinking Approach

PWC Experience center


Understand the environment and challenge what’s known. We use our expertise to look deep in the right problems and assemble diverse perspectives to generate a maximum of ideas, turn them into meaningful answers and provide your business with an optimal value.
PWC Experience center


Design & co-create new Customer Experiences & Services. Everything we do places the end user at the heart of our work. We combine design thinking based approaches with user experience and business experts to create unique human experiences across digital and physical environments.
PWC Experience center


Build solutions with emerging technologies. We leverage our design capabilities, new and emerging technologies and technology eco-systems. We test opportunities, create solutions, prototype and test your solutions, accelerating company-wide engagement and supporting your business transformation from strategy to execution.

How about a 360° tour at our Experience Center!

PWC Experience center

We believe businesses that are pioneering – not just participating – in the connected experience will succeed.

We are in the age of digital disruption, where innovation can change an industry overnight. Connected business are growing. Connected customers are smarter. Connected systems are more intelligent.

This aggregation creates new business models and new opportunities. Inside our Experience Center’s Breakout and Immersion rooms we help you explore new horizons. What might success look like in your markets? What will be new a year from now? Or three? Or five? Which technologies are most appropriate for what you’re trying to accomplish? How can you unleash your best talent and customers to co-create the future with you?

PWC Experience center
PWC Experience center
PWC Experience center
PWC Experience center
PWC Experience center
PWC Experience center
PWC Experience center

Become part of a global network with more than 30 centers of a similar nature.

PWC Experience center
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Philippos  Soseilos

Philippos Soseilos

CEO & Chairman, PwC Cyprus

Tel: +357-22555606

Yiannis  Lapatas

Yiannis Lapatas

Director / Experience Center, PwC Cyprus

Tel: +357-22555727

Maria Solomou

Maria Solomou

Senior Manager / Experience Center, PwC Cyprus

Tel: +357-22555585

Dimi  Constantinides

Dimi Constantinides

Creative Technologist / Experience Center, PwC Cyprus

Tel: +357-22555663

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