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PwC Cyprus Experience Center is a dynamic assembly of innovative thinkers, strategists, and technologists. We blend creativity, research, and an array
of integrated services to guide you
on your transformation journey, ultimately
achieving your business objectives.

Inspiring and creating transformational experiences to drive customer attraction.

Experience is everything. It is the sum of all touchpoints that make or break customers’ perception of your brand. And the bar is higher than ever.

To attract new customers and earn customer loyalty, brands are challenged to reimagine and personalize experiences to drive more value, faster than ever before.

PwC’s Experience Center brings creativity with rigor to help you focus, design and orchestrate experiences for tomorrow, today - unlocking more profitable, sustainable growth.

PWC Experience center
PWC Experience center

Human-Centric Innovation at its Core

Experience Strategy:
We architect engaging, human-centric experiences that drive impactful results.

  • • Customer and employee voice, design research and ethnography
  • • Persona development and journey maps
  • • Vision crafting and CX roadmap
  • • Customer experience transformation

Experience Design:
We curate people-focused designs that captivate and inspire.

  • • User experience (UX) and user interfaces (UI)
  • • Accessibility evaluations for inclusive design
  • • Content strategy and creation
  • • Iterative prototyping and rigorous testing
  • • Digital product and service design
  • • Emerging experience design

Experience Technology:
We harness technology to materialize unforgettable experiences.

  • • Mobile, web and wearable technologies
  • • Experience architecture and engineering
  • • Agile experience design and development
  • • Marketing and cloud transformation platforms
  • • Web3 solutions for secure, decentralized experiences
  • • Digital Twin & Emerging Tech Integration

Our Design Thinking Approach

PWC Experience center


Understand the environment and challenge what’s known. We use our expertise to look deep in the right problems and assemble diverse perspectives to generate a maximum of ideas, turn them into meaningful answers and provide your business with an optimal value.
PWC Experience center


Design & co-create new Customer Experiences & Services. Everything we do places the end user at the heart of our work. We combine design thinking based approaches with user experience and business experts to create unique human experiences across digital and physical environments.
PWC Experience center


Build solutions with emerging technologies. We leverage our design capabilities, new and emerging technologies and technology eco-systems. We test opportunities, create solutions, prototype and test your solutions, accelerating company-wide engagement and supporting your business transformation from strategy to execution.

How about a 360° tour at our Experience Center!

PWC Experience center

Our People and Spaces, Reimagined

Our engaging sessions are designed to operate inside or outside physical office spaces.
The Experience Centers — in-person laboratories where space can be tailored to your needs — use real-time simulations and advanced technology to help employees navigate challenges before they reach your people or customers. Moveable walls and desks use less building material, produce less waste and are configurable down to the needs of the hour. This flexibility supports the speedy transfer of information and encourages dynamic thinking.

We hire the top people — the right co-creators.
Our team is your power - collaborative creators par excellence. Our eclectic mix spans MBAs, Fine Arts Masters, Marketers, Game Designers, Computer Scientists, UX Researchers, UI Designers and Technologists. This global think-tank unites diverse backgrounds to preempt and solve tomorrow's business conundrums. Together, we inspire businesses to shatter the status quo and innovate, laying the groundwork for genuine transformation.

PWC Experience center
PWC Experience center
PWC Experience center
PWC Experience center
PWC Experience center
PWC Experience center
PWC Experience center

Become part of a global network with more than 38 centers of a similar nature.

PWC Experience center
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Philippos  Soseilos

Philippos Soseilos

CEO & Chairman, PwC Cyprus

Tel: +357-22555606

Yiannis  Lapatas

Yiannis Lapatas

Director / Experience Center, PwC Cyprus

Tel: +357-22555727

Maria Solomou

Maria Solomou

Senior Manager / Experience Center, PwC Cyprus

Tel: +357-22555585

Dimi  Constantinides

Dimi Constantinides

Creative Technologist / Experience Center, PwC Cyprus

Tel: +357-22555663

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