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Effective tax planning plays an important role in creating a sound and robust financial plan. Without a successful strategy, you might miss important tax benefits or risk tax liabilities for your business, estate or successors. To help you preserve and extend your wealth, we can tailor a strategy based on your needs.

We recognize that the personal assets and tax affairs of private clients and their business are often inextricably interlinked. Our dedicated team can provide integrated solutions on both corporate international tax services and private client services. Our focus is both local and international. We draw from expertise across the PwC network to provide you with the necessary support irrespective of where you operate.

Our priority is to understand your overall financial affairs and planning so we can identify tax strategies that help you plan for the future and achieve your goals at every point of your business/investment cycle. Our focus is to provide you with a one stop shop for tax services offering practical and effective solutions. 

Our service offering:

Wealth Creation

We appreciate that your key priority may be in expanding your wealth. You may be growing your existing business or diversifying into a new one. You may be looking at acquisitions, mergers, or reorganising your business. Additionally you may be considering raising finance, structuring a fund or entering into joint ventures, private equity and venture capital transactions across different jurisdictions. Your business may have significant intellectual property, or key employees that you wish to structure their remuneration packages.

These are areas that may lead to significant tax exposures and thus require advanced planning and structuring. Our tax services are focused in providing solutions in facilitating your new ventures and at the same time in addressing existing or historic positions that may already exist in your business. Our aim is to help you address these challenges in order to make the most of your assets and assist you in growing your wealth.


Wealth Management

We understand that you are focused on managing your private wealth and your family’s estate. You may be spending a lot of time across countries or transacting in a number of jurisdictions. You could be considering relocating to Cyprus or another jurisdiction. You may be looking at exiting an existing structure and considering succession by the next generation, trade or asset sale, IPO. You probably have or are in the process of acquiring substantial private assets including homes in different countries, yachts, private jets, art or portfolios of shares and fixed income securities.

We have significant practical experience working with private clients just like you. We offer integrated tax services which will assist in managing your wealth in a tax efficient and effective manner providing assistance in addressing the impact of your investments, business and operations on the tax position of you and your family.

Focusing on what matters!

As world markets become increasingly intertwined and the global reach of families widens, taxpayers will need to be ever more aware of cross-border considerations. This is especially important in the current environment, where focus on the disclosure, reporting, and taxation of foreign assets has sharpened. Complex rules are globally introduced and the focus on anti-avoidance rules is building up. Your tax compliance burden in this environment is expected to increase substantially.

Wealth brings responsibilities that demand unique services. We offer personal and corporate tax compliance support in Cyprus and across the globe leveraging on the expertise of the PwC network to assist you in complying with your obligations. This will enable you to maintain focus and resources on managing your investments, business or enjoying your wealth.

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