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From planning and executing capital market transactions to navigating regulatory change and complex accounting – we are here to support you, every step of the way. We focus on equity and raising debt process from beginning to end, providing useful initial advice as well as continuing support to the company and its underwriters up to the point of listing and beyond. If your company has international aspirations, our network opens up the prospect of listing on major stock exchanges abroad. Our experience includes IPOs and Eurobond offerings of international companies to the London, Oslo, Luxembourg and Irish Stock Exchanges.

Services we offer

IPO readiness

You might be considering an Initial Public Offering (IPO) to expand your business, improve market presence or as a long-term, planned exit strategy for owners. Advanced planning is vital because this can take a significant amount of time and many IPOs are delayed – or even fail – because a company has underestimated the size of the work required. We develop an assessment across key areas of your business to determine where you may need to take actions ahead of an IPO.

Choosing the right stock exchange

When the time comes to take your company public or proceed with any capital markets transaction, your choice of stock exchange is not necessarily going to be straightforward. Choosing between stock exchanges, you should look at amongst other, the stock exchange strategic focus, the types of companies listed and IPO activity, the process and timeline of going public and listing standards and fees. PwC capital markets advisors are available to help you decide which market to choose.

Debt raising

Is your company looking for additional capital? A debt offering may be the solution. Our locally based team together with our PwC network has extensive experience in similar capital market transactions and can help guide you through the offering process. We will assist you with an independent view of the critical issues. We will guide your company and its management who may be unfamiliar with the process of raising capital and the documentation required.

Capital markets execution

During a flotation process or any other capital markets transaction, smooth execution and a detailed knowledge of what is required is key. This is critical in cases of lack of company resources and management’s limited experience in these transactions. We can bring our experience and expertise to ensure a smooth and fast execution in our role as reporting accountants (comfort letter issuance etc). We draw resources from our global network of experts to ensure the best possible outcome.

Life as a public company

Once a company is listed on a stock exchange, it will need to meet the continuing obligations of its regulator. Stock exchanges require listed companies to make timely announcements regarding information or major decisions that may affect the share price. Our capital markets experts provide support by bringing to your attention the specific ongoing regulatory requirements.

Nomad in Emerging Companies Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange

The Cyprus Stock Exchange ("CSE") operates a market called the Emerging Companies Market ("ECM"). ECM is governed by a simplified regulatory environment which has been specifically designed for the needs of small and emerging companies. Once you have decided to float, you will need to critically appraise your existing business, identifying the extent to which it will meet the ECM admission requirements.

Our role as the Nominated Advisor (“NOMAD”) is to ensure that the company is appropriate to be quoted on the ECM of the CSE and ensure that the relevant rules are complied with on flotation. A NOMAD must be retained at all times to advise the company and to ensure that it complies with the relevant ECM rules on an ongoing basis. PwC is a CSE - approved NOMAD. We have a strong and distinct, regulatory-compliant brand which lends weight to any prospective.

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