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In today's environment of rapid change only a very thin line often separates business success and failure. We offer advisory services to lenders, creditors and companies in troubled financial situations and help our clients identify problems, gain cooperation, develop solutions and implement them with ease and precision. Given the breadth and depth of the PwC team both locally and internationally, we are able to rapidly deploy a highly experienced and credible team that will hit the ground running and will ensure best in class execution.

Services we offer

Solvent liquidations and corporate simplification

If you need to reduce your operating costs and achieve a simplified, more transparent corporate structure by dissolving inactive companies that have fulfilled their economic purpose, we can help you do this. Our licensed insolvency practitioners provide independent advice on the alternative methods of dissolution, the associated risks and how to best plan for this type of project. Our technical excellence and proven project management methodology will allow a smooth process for your organisation through to conclusion.

Our experience from high profile engagements of the recent past has equipped us to quickly bring clarity and expertise to highly complex situations and gives us the means to be an effective team from day 1 in the work we undertake.


We provide services to lenders and other stakeholders of troubled or under-performing businesses. Over the years, our insolvency practitioners have held a significant number of appointments in a range of insolvency situations, accumulating unsurpassable experience. We have designed and implemented customised solutions to a variety of business recovery and insolvency situations in a wide range of industries and fields.

If you are facing financial distress or insolvency, we can help if action is taken early enough. We deploy a team of specialists to work with you developing tailor-made solutions. It may be possible to rescue the company/business if action is taken early enough. Our corporate insolvency practitioners act as office holders in receiverships, creditors' voluntary liquidations (CVLs) and Examinerships.

Our team of experts assist with the performance of independent viability assessments of troubled businesses and analysis of the recovery options available to the business and its lenders with clear and transparent recommendations. We are also undertaking to monitor on behalf of lenders of a borrower's financial performance and / or of a borrower's compliance with conditions set by the lender for continuing support.

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