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We support you to create the value you are looking for by providing specialised solutions based on quality.


Together we build relationships based on trust and we say things as they are, to assist you to deal with issues that tomorrow will prove important. We adapt the expertise of our almost 1000 professionals in Cyprus and the power of our global network of 236,000 experts in 158 countries to your specific needs, helping you make the difference.

In a demanding and challenging business environment, our diverse teams of experts are sharing deep knowledge and experience. We provide a broad range of services as listed below to meet your increasingly complex needs.


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Liakos Theodorou

Partner, Head of Assurance & Advisory

Tel: +357-22555160

Fax: +357-22555001 


Theo Parperis

Partner, Head of Tax & Legal

Tel: +357-22555477

Fax: +357-22555001 


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