At PwC Cyprus, we recognize our environmental responsibility and the importance of being sustainable, in a holistic manner.

We’re committed to leading by example and are determined to play our part, focussing on the way we operate, behave and provide our business services.

We continuously strive to improve our environmental performance by assessing our environmental impacts and implementing actions to minimise our overall environmental footprint.

To further solidify our environmental efforts, PwC Cyprus is successfully certified, for a few years now, with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and the ecolabel “Green Offices” for all our premises.

We are proud of these achievements and are committed to maintain, strengthen and continually improve all aspects related to both certifications.


Our net zero commitment

The PwC network is highly committed to minimise its carbon footprint; this is the result of unavoidable business travel, necessary to service our clients and energy consumption in our buildings in response to one of the most pressing problems facing the world today, the climate crisis. To this effect, PwC has made a worldwide commitment to achieve net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with 2030 goals.

More specifically, in September 2020 PwC announced a network wide commitment to net zero GHG emissions, with near-term science-based targets set for 2030 in line with a 1.5-degree scenario to prevent the worst impacts of climate change, as set out in the Paris Agreement. In July 2021, our near-term emission reduction targets were independently validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). 

Nevertheless, we recognise the importance of actively reducing the climate impact of our own operational footprint now. That is why, to mitigate our impacts today, we will continue to offset our emissions through high-quality carbon credits, transitioning to 100% carbon removals by 2030.

For more information on our net zero commitment visit our Global Website.

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Our Initiatives

Our actions are focused around four main areas:

1. Aiming at conserving natural resources

2. Saving energy

3. Minimising greenhouse gas emissions and

4. Engaging our people in environmental awareness activities.

Reduction of carbon footprint & energy efficiency

Focussing on energy efficiency, the Firm has either completed or is planning to carry out significant infrastructure and operational changes.

Some examples consist of construction and renovation works at our office premises, replacement of Firm’s motorcycles and vans, installation of movement sensors for light activation, use of time switches, replacement of lighting with LED lights, reduction of equipment and use of equipment with energy saving features.

More specifically, through the use of energy efficient and eco-friendly technologies as well as a more effective use of our office space, we are steadily on a pathway of decarbonising our own operations. An important element of our net zero journey is switching to renewable electricity for our offices. To this effect, we have installed photovoltaic panels on the roof of our two main buildings and are now producing electricity from renewable sources, covering a % of our overall electricity needs.


Conservation of natural resources

Aiming at conserving natural resources, save energy and minimise greenhouse gas emissions, we are consistently trying to reduce our consumptions as well as ensure that environmental criteria are taken into account in the procurement of goods and services while working closely with our suppliers and contractors to improve the environmental performance of their products and services. 

It is important to highlight that all printing paper we use on the working floors of our offices is certified with environmental labels. In addition, due to ongoing reductions in paper consumption we have halved the number of printing equipment at all inhouse printing stations. Nevertheless, we aim to continuously minimise our paper consumption through the implementation of effective printing practices such as double sided printing, no coloured printing and electronic use of documents. Going paperless and as a result reduce our impact further is a target we continuously aim to achieve.

In regards to water usage, our Operations department continuously monitors the water consumption at our premises and maintains it at the same levels, while investigating possible actions for additional reductions. 


Sustainable management of waste streams

In an effort to continuously minimise environmental pollution associated with the production of waste, the Firm implements actions to reduce the use of plastics and other waste streams while implementing circular economy practices into our daily business operations.

At the office we have removed one use items such as plastic water bottles, paper cups and plastic straws and provided reusable cups, drinking bottles and stainless steel straws to our people aiming at minimising waste and enhancing environmental culture within the workplace.  

Furthermore and in collaboration with our inhouse catering providers we implement the “Bring & Fill” initiative, encouraging our people to bring their reusable cup at our cafes and fill it with the drink of their choice at a reduced cost. By doing so, we minimise our peoples’ and the Firm’s environmental footprint by reducing waste and the use of one-use products. 

In addition, at all our premises, there is a waste recycling system, separating PMD and paper on every floor while the collection of used batteries, lamps, electronic equipment, scrap metals, coffee capsules and used toner cartridges is managed centrally by the Operations and IT departments, respectively.  

One of our most recent initiatives is the development of “Reuse Me”, a customised, online, interactive platform where our people can post and give away items that they no longer need and view, like and reserve other items that they might want!


People engagement and awareness

Engaging our people in environmental awareness and participating activities is a top priority on our agenda in order to effectively manage our environmental impacts and promote sustainability.

At PwC Cyprus we are strong believers that each and everyone of our people has a role to play in protecting the planet and can have a positive impact just by making more climate-friendly choices in their everyday lives.

Past activities

pwc cyprus tree planting

Tree plantings
Our team of volunteers gathered together in 2019 and planted 250 trees, making Tochni village greener!

In 2022 we continued being supportive to our community and the environment by carrying out another tree planting activity (250 trees) at Mammari village.

For both activities we, in collaboration with the Cyprus Forest Association selected to plant native tree species in order to enhance the local biodiversity and minimise water needs.


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Environmental Gamification
Though the use of our technology tools, our people had the opportunity to enhance their knowledge on environmental matters by entering into a gameful experience and participating in challenges with the chance to win environmentally friendly prizes. 


pwc cyprus environment

Screening the film Our Planet:Our Business
The film explores the immense value of nature to our economy, the scale of the challenges that we are facing, and the critical role that business can play in creating solutions at scale.

This initiative aimed to inspire our people to think differently and make decisions that will help protect and restore nature in their everyday work and lives.


Management System Policies

View our Environmental Policy

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