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We are committed to the public sector, helping to shape strategy at the heart of government and improve results on the frontline. This is what inspires and guides our work - we see everyday the real difference the sector has and can make to people's lives.

The characteristics and behaviours that the public body of the future needs will differ radically from the past. But what are they? And how can public bodies adopt them? In our view there are four interdependent must-have characteristics that future public sector bodies need to embody in order to be effective in terms of outcomes and impact: agility, innovation, connectedness and transparency. In our view, tomorrow’s public body will need to act quite differently, more like a living organism, adapting to change and evolving to address society’s needs as they develop.

Added to this, technological changes continue at pace with the moves towards digital and ever greater use of data analytics bringing huge benefits but also greater threats, for example to our cyber security. Our ambition is to provide innovative, workable solutions to deliver transformational change and achieve value for money and results.

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At PwC, we combine local and global expertise to deliver innovative solutions for complex issues. Our government and public services practice provides policy advice, consulting and assurance services to local, national and international government entities.

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