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Corporate tax advisory

The tax landscape has considerably evolved and became more complex in recent years, stemming mainly from the OECD and EU-led tax reforms.

Leveraging our local expertise, global PwC network and innovative technology, our tax experts can provide across-the-board tax advisory services to enable you to make informed and compliant decisions that drive your operations forward.

Our approach is relationship-based and focuses on delivering tailored solutions that are aligned with your business’ plans and culture.

You may be looking for support on the following:

  • Adopt a suitable structure for your business.
  • Select and implement an appropriate tax model.
  • Carry out transactions in a fully compliant manner.
  • Plan and effect a group restructuring.
  • Knowledge of what impact tax and regulatory changes will have on your business. 
  • Dealings with the Cyprus tax authorities and support in dispute resolutions.
  • Knowledge of how to extract value out of your organisation.

How can we help?

  • Align the overall tax burden on your business with your commercial, operational and financial circumstances and objectives.
  • Effect changes in your business in a tax compliant manner.
  • Plan ahead with foresight.
  • Anticipate and mitigate tax risks.
  • Optimise the tax function of your business.
  • Obtain support for negotiations and dispute resolutions with tax authorities.

International tax advisory

The international tax landscape is increasingly dynamic and complex and multinational businesses are continuously affected by tax developments across various jurisdictions. The ability of an organisation to understand these developments and anticipate the impact on its business is a vital element of success.

Our advisors have the resources, experience and international reach through our global PwC network to support you in the international tax arena.


Potential issues:

You may be looking for support on the following:

  • Managing the global tax burden.
  • Adopting suitable structures for your international operations.
  • Planning cross-border transactions in a tax compliant manner.
  • Coordination of tax projects involving multiple jurisdictions.
  • Intellectual Property planning.
  • Managing cross-border cash flows.
  • Application of Double Tax Treaties.
  • Application of European Directives.
  • BEPS and related developments including country-by-country reporting, transfer pricing and hybrids.
  • Exchange of information and transparency.
  • Migration of companies into/out of Cyprus.


How can we help?

We provide international tax solutions that are aligned with your business profile and objectives.

  • Providing effective and tailored solutions for investing into and out of Cyprus.
  • Providing integrated advice to support you in managing multi-jurisdictional tax considerations.
  • Managing multi-jurisdictional projects.
  • Reviewing and advising on the position of your business with respect to BEPS, EU Directives and other international tax developments.
  • Keeping you abreast of developments on international tax matters.

Mergers & acquisitions

National and international M&A transactions are becoming increasingly complex whilst presenting many opportunities and risks.

Decisions relating to M&A can have a material impact on the tax position of your group.

How can we help?

  • Structuring M&A to minimise tax risks whilst capturing available opportunities.
  • Tax due diligence (pre-acquisition / pre-sale).
  • Financial modelling of tax liabilities.
  • All-around transaction support including, inter alia, advising on implications, preparation/submission of documents, communication with tax authorities, etc.
  • Ensuring tax compliance requirements pertaining to the M&A are met.

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