Fostering Inclusion: Being Me (Podcasts)

Welcome to our new podcast series entitled 'Fostering Inclusion: Being Me'.

Our Inclusion & Diversity Committee Member, Larry Obichie, is the main host of the podcast. In the podcast, Larry chats with colleagues to showcast what Inclusion and Diversity in the workplace (and not only) means to them, via real-life stories exchanging, shedding light on underrepresented people, and surfacing diverse perspectives.

1st Episode with Petros Maroudias

Join us in this podcast to discover Petros Maroudias' thoughts on the importance of simply being 'human'.

Petros engages in a bigger-picture discussion with Larry, with the former giving his perspective on I&D and his journey of self-reflection in becoming more inclusive.

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Fostering Inclusion: Being Me - Episode 1

2nd Episode with Aram Tavitian

In this podcast, Aram Tavitian analyses what 'well-being' means to him. Aram shares tips and methods from which our well-being can be increased so we can become better individuals both personally and professionally.

Watch this session with real-life experiences sharing, both from Larry and Aram, and engage in the discussion!

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Fostering Inclusion: Being Me - Episode 2

3rd Episode with Linda Boyd

In this podcast episode, Linda deep dives into the topic of resilience, and identifying ways of making emotional intelligence a never-ending quest! 

Linda and Larry discuss several other topics such as happiness, the future of leadership, the importance of EQ and empathy, all while incorporating an inclusive lens.

We hope you'll enjoy this truly eye-opener discussion!

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Fostering Inclusion: Being Me - Episode 3

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