Offering our hearts & minds

We support charitable organisations through donations but we also engage directly in charitable activities. We run a number of volunteering activities and support people to fulfil their potential and achieve social inclusion aspiring to use the power of more than 1000 people.

Supporting Our Community

Through various initiatives organised throughout the year, charitable giving and volunteering actions we support families and children to overcome the challenges they face. Aiming to bring positive change in society, we help fund a number of charities with which we share common values including: Radiomarathonios, PASYKAF, Centre for Preventive Pediatrics, Alkionides Foundation, Sophia Foundation, Agia Skepi & Cyprus Red Cross. We also support cultural foundations, which through their activities support the Arts and Culture, such as the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra and the Pharos Arts Foundation.


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PwC Foundation took the initiative and organised a campaign to help the victims affected by the devastating earthquakes that struck southern Turkey and north Syria a few weeks ago.

The response of our people, has been touching, since a large amount of aid has been collected, both clothing and food as well as personal hygiene items.

On April, PwC people participated with their creations, handicrafts, and various delicacies, which were made available to their colleagues, to collect money and allocate it for charitable purposes.

PwC Employees make us proud!

We are delighted to see the eagerness of our employees to offer the great gift of life each time.

One more blood donation has successfully come to an end!


At PwC Cyprus We Care, and for another year we supported Movember in an effort to spread awareness on men's mental health and suicide prevention, prostate and testicular cancer.

The Man Van visited our premises and shaved our Mo Bros who participated in this campaign.

Christmas is a celebration about sharing and being together!

In December, we came together and supported "Sophia for Children" on their Christmas Bazaar at our Nicosia office, where we were able to raise money for all people in need. 


Another PwC annual blood donation was successfully completed in December, at our Headquarters in Nicosia and Limassol. 

And remember... the greatest gift anyone can give is the gift of life, a small gesture like donating blood can make a huge difference! 


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