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Our People

PwC Cyprus Legal - Our people

We are at your side through it all, with passion and commitment to empower you to thrive.

Spyros A Evangelou (Advocate/Partner, In charge of Legal Practice in Cyprus)

Panayiotis Panayides (Advocate/Director)

Emily Petridou (Advocate/Director)

Natalie Vassiliou Moustaka (Solicitor/Senior Manager)

Stavroulla Ioannou Kyrou (Advocate/Senior Manager)

Natalie Glykys (Advocate/Manager)

Glafcos Kyprianou (Advocate/Manager)

Louiza Shiali (Advocate/Senior Associate 2)

Angelica Antoniadou (Advocate/Senior Associate 2) 

Marianna Mishiaouli (Advocate/Senior Associate 2)

Anastazia Kyriakou (Advocate/Senior Associate 2) 

Chara Anaxagora (Advocate/Senior Associate 2)

Laden Temel (Advocate/Senior Associate) 

Fedonas Ioannou (Advocate/Senior Associate)

Lucia Georgiou (Advocate/Associate)

Stavros Mariannis (Advocate/Associate)

Annabelle Ioannidou (Advocate/Associate)

Savvas Spyrou  (Advocate/Associate)

Michael Tsikouris (Advocate/Partner)

Alkis Simopoulos (Advocate/Senior Manager)

Melina Partassides (Advocate/Senior Manager)

Tatiana Sofianou (Advocate/Manager)

Yiannis Simakis (Advocate/Manager)

Eleni Pelekanou (Advocate/Senior Associate 2) 

Demetris Yiasides (Advocate/Senior Associate 2) 

Letitsia Mousa (Advocate/Senior Associate 2)

Loukiana Protopapa (Advocate/Senior Associate 2)

Ioanna Siammouti  (Advocate/Senior Associate 2)

Nicoletta Constantinou (Advocate/Senior Associate)

Rafaella Katziani (Advocate/ Senior Associate)

Alexandra Perikleous (Advocate/Associate)

Natalia Constantinidou (Advocate/Senior Associate) 

Konstantina Karra (Advocate/Associate)

Giorgos Charalambous (Advocate/Associate)

S. A. EVANGELOU & CO LLC is a member firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited (PwCIL) and part of the PwC’s Tax and Legal Services Network providing Legal Services in Cyprus.  It is a private company with limited liability by shares having its registered office at 3 Τhemistocles Dervis Street, Julia House Annex, 1st Floor, CY-1066 Nicosia, Cyprus, and it was registered in Cyprus as a Lawyers’ Limited Company under reg. no. 233481. Lists of all Directors and practicing advocates are available at its registered office and/or at its website.

Contact us

Spyros A. Evangelou

Advocate / Partner, In charge of Legal Practice, PwC Cyprus

Tel: +357-22559999

Michael Tsikouris

Advocate / Partner, PwC Cyprus

Tel: +357-22559707

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