Restart Cyprus: Now

December 2020

restart cyprus

In May 2020, we issued our first set of transformative proposals, addressed to the government, the business community and the society at large, toward creating a stronger and more competitive economy.

Since then, the government has introduced several support measures aimed to alleviate the impact of the pandemic on the economy. Nevertheless, the persistence of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as other recent developments, have challenged the status quo in many respects and have elevated the need for Cyprus to refocus its economy and alter its long-term direction even further.

To that end, we present a renewed set of propositions, calling for immediate actions to Restart Cyprus: Now.

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restart cyprus

Upfront, we would also like to point out the important role of cultural resilience in such efforts. Traditionally, economic growth has been perceived as being primarily linked to production and employment. More recently, there is an emerging appreciation of the impact of culture in the development and success of countries’ economic initiatives. One such example is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has commissioned various studies and planning aimed to promote cultural development. Their motivation is the recognition that cultural development plays an important role in bringing about effective change in society, which in turn have a positive impact on economic development.

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