Covid-19 - Impact of the pandemic on the Cyprus economy

The COVID-19 pandemic in addition to the upheaval it caused to peoples’ lives, families and communities and its continued health threat, it also has a significant impact on businesses and the economy. At PwC, we are working closely with businesses to help them mobilise, stabilise and return to work. As businesses are working on their scenario planning it’s important to have a sense of the potential economic impact.

To better understand the potential economic impact from COVID-19 on Cyprus, we carried out a scenario based impact analysis in collaboration with the Economics Consulting team of PwC UK. We base this on two scenarios, in line with the latest thinking of epidemiologists and economic policymakers.

More importantly, we fill in a gap in the volume of analysis for the economy overall and also for sectors of the Cyprus economy. Our analysis is based on what businesses have been experiencing in Cyprus, with insights from our sector experts and wider stakeholders.

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