23 Years inside the mind of the CEOs

What are CEOs saying about the year ahead?

Each year around 1,300 CEOs across more than 90 territories take part in PwC’s Annual Global CEO Survey, providing unique insight into the thinking of chief executives around the world.  The findings of this year’s 23rd CEO Survey, will be presented on the eve of the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum at Davos in January 2020.

The survey will explore issues such as CEOs’ prospects for economic growth, the challenges in building a workforce, the threats facing companies today, and the future of digital privacy. 

In the context of the Global CEO survey, PwC Cyprus will carry out for the 9th consecutive year, a local study that will capture the views of business leaders in Cyprus. The results of the local survey will be presented during a special event that will be held in March.

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