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10 years of CEO insights - “From one decade to the next”

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A few words about the survey

In the context of the 24th global research conducted with the participation of 5.050 CEOs from 100 countries, PwC Cyprus carried out for the 10th consecutive year its local survey which saw a record participation of 135 business leaders in Cyprus.

The dual role of the pandemic as an accelerator of trends that pre-existed and an enhancer of power of change is reflected in the survey.

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Plan to increase their long-term investments in digital transformation.


Are reassessing their organisation’s tolerance for risk.

Bob Moritz, Global Chairman, previews PwC's 22nd CEO Survey

10 years of CEO insights - From one decade to the next

10th Cyprus CEO Survey - Click here to see the Webcast Recording.

Explore the key themes of this year's findings

Global economic growth over the next 12 months - 9 year analysis.

According to the results, there is a significant increase in the percentage of CEOs who believe that global economic growth will improve during next 12 months, reaching 61% in Cyprus compared to only 18% in 2020. CEOs in the Eurozone and Globally are even more optimistic with 73% and 76% recpectively.

Revenue growth prospects over the next 12 months

CEOs’ optimism is also reflected in their confidence regarding the revenue growth prospects of their organisations. 77% of CEOs surveyed in Cyprus, 82% in the Eurozone and 85% Globally are confident that their revenue growth prospects will improve over the next year.

Potential business, economic, policy, social and environmental threats

What are CEOs concerned about in this difficult period? What threats and challenges do they need to address to achieve profitability and growth for their companies?

Return to growth. What does the Cyprus business community need?

This year, we had the opportunity to include in the survey, for the first time, a question addressed exclusively to CEOs in Cyprus. We chose to gather the views of the Cypriot business community on what can help achieve a rapid return to growth.

I would like to thank you for your time and support. But more importantly, I thank you for being part of this greater effort, which aims to highlight important issues and support the business community in achieving their goals and addressing new challenges.

Evgenios C Evgeniou
CEO, PwC Cyprus

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