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Never Stop Learning!

Developing our staff’s abilities is a priority in managing our human capital.In our various departments, our people’s excellence is demonstrated by their experience in their areas of expertise but also by the diversity of their career paths. Therefore, providing our colleagues with opportunities for mobility and accompanying them in every step of the way, becomes a priority.

Being International is part of our daily life, since many of our clients and colleagues come from many different countries.We believe that gaining work experience in another country is part and parcel of a personal and professional development programme. Discovering new work methodologies and being immersed in a different culture can be a very enriching experience and a real asset in your career.Supported by a very active international network, we have been implementing an international placement programme eagerly for many years now.In practice, after they have spent a few years learning the business in Cyprus, some of our colleagues will embark on an expatriation adventure. For either a short or long-term period, they may have the opportunity to work in another office in Europe, the USA or any country within in the PwC global network.On the other hand, the Cyprus office makes it a habit to welcome many expatriates on a secondment programmes.

….it’s all about the balance Finding the right balance between professional and social life is not always easy.This is why we actively support initiatives beside work that enable people meeting and sharing their talent and passion together.Whether social, cultural or sport activities practiced by a group of PwC employees, our Company encourages and supports them in terms of logistical and organisational help.Social life is also very important to us, and we foster our corporate culture through many annual internal events.

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