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Our learning services aim to provide excellence in training young professionals right up to experienced leaders, in the form of: in-house seminars, open seminars, internal courses (including professional qualifications) and coaching.

They are addressed to a broad range of individuals and organisations, both in Cyprus and overseas.  They are delivered by our trainers at PwC’s Academy who are senior executives and experts in their field, with vast experience in their subject matter, ensuring they provide the highest value in learning.

The seminars we offer address the constantly changing world we live in and current business needs.  They aim to equip the participants with the knowledge and skills they need to be relevant in their field as experts and leaders.

All seminars are approved for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) purposes. 

We offer open seminars for any member of the public to join, and in-house seminars tailored towards our clients’ specific needs. Our seminars are delivered physically or virtually, depending on the clients’ requests and learning objectives. 

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Our services in more detail:

Our range of technical seminars help professionals strengthen their technical expertise, build commercial acumen,  support ongoing professional development and stay up to date with continuous market and regulatory changes.

Main categories and examples of technical seminars include:

IFRS TAX VAT Data Analytics Other
  • IFRS refreshers eg. IAS 16, IAS 36, IAS 37 etc.

  • IFRS updates eg. IFRS 9, IFRS15, IFRS 16 etc.



  • Taxation of Employment Income

  • Employment Income and Benefits in Kind

  • Taxation for companies: basic aspects

  • Basic aspects of Cyprus Taxation

  • Recent Local Tax developments

  • Capital Gains Tax

  • COVID-19: Tax, VAT & Social/Payroll response measures

  • Basic Principles of VAT (for beginners)

  • Advanced Principles of VAT

  • Recent changes in the VAT legislation in relation to immovable property and practical examples

  • VAT Updates: Analysis of recent changes in VAT Law and Practice

  • VAT in the Real Estate

  • The reverse charge mechanism and right for recovery

  • Brexit - are you ready? VAT and Customs

  • COVID-19: Tax, VAT & Social/Payroll response measures

  • Digital Upskilling Academy - Data Analytics and Visualisation

  • Embedding Business Analytics into Organization: Applications, Methods and Capability Building

  • Interpretation of Financial Statements for non accountants

  • Consolidation techniques

Our Business skills seminars equip people with the necessary skills to become effective leaders, manage teams and organisations, lead change, and stay resilient in today’s challenging business environment.

Main categories and examples of business skills seminars include:

Leadership Development Communication skills Relationship skills Personal Effectiveness
  • Team Leaders Development Programme

  • Coaching for Excellence

  • Inclusive Leadership

  • Developing a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Organisation

  • Performance management and feedback

  • High performing teams

  • Change management

  • Effective collaboration amongst teams

  • Emotional Intelligence and Self Awareness (SDI or DISC behavioral tool)

  • Motivate, communicate, inspire!

  • Understanding self and others

  • Presenting with impact for C-Suite

  • Presenting with impact

  • The art of communication

  • Interviewing skills

  • Creatively confronting challenges

  • Designing concise and impactful presentations

  • Storytelling for business

  • Influencing skills

  • Sharpening your Negotiations Skills

  • Relationship skills and networking   

  • Effective collaboration

  • Effective time management

  • Stress management / resilience

  • Personal and leadership branding

  • Building confidence

  • Curiosity and learning agility

  • Mastermind success through personal effectiveness

Other than training programmes, PwC’s Academy is also offering coaching services both internally to PwC and externally to clients. We have a pool of coaches, all accredited through the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). 
 The Coach’s role is to ask challenging and skillful questions, aiming to assist coachees in structuring their thoughts and finding their own solutions. 

We are currently running two Coaching initiatives, for our people, as well as External coaching.

Leadership Coaching

The Leadership coaching initiative, is offered to nominated managers and aims in providing a safe space for leaders-to-be to share any concerns, and support them in their current and future roles. Leadership coaching is additional to the day-to-day coaching our people are receiving from their engagement leaders. 

Coachees have the opportunity to build a professional relationship with an accredited coach through one-to-one confidential sessions, focusing on:

  • Remaining resilient during difficult periods of increased pressure
  • Strengthening their capabilities to lead and support others around them
  • Managing effectively significant changes like promotions, transfers, secondments, parenting

Coaching Supervision sessions

Per EMCC Global, “Supervision is a safe space for reflective dialogue with a practising supervisor, supporting the supervisee’s practice, development and wellbeing”. EMCC requires all Accredited Coaches (and Coaches in the process of becoming accredited) to attend as a minimum 4 coaching supervision sessions per year (either one-to-one or group supervision).  For Senior Practitioners the requirement is 1 hour of supervision for every 35 hours of practice.  To abide by the EMCC requirements and ensure the quality of your coaching sessions, we are providing a few Coaching Supervision options.  Please follow the link below for more information and registration.

The purpose of this initiative is to provide a safe space to all colleagues for sharing any concerns and being supported, if needed, in their current and future roles.

Colleagues will have the opportunity to build a professional relationship with a PwC Coach through one-to-one confidential sessions.

Register here

External Coaching

Our experienced coaches are offering Executive, Leadership and Skills coaching services to clients, helping them to see the world and any challenges they face through different lenses. 

In order to maintain the quality of our coaching offering and abide by the EMCC requirements, we also offer supervision services on a regular basis to our internal coaches, as well as to external coaches.


PwC’s Academy provides tuition and support to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) trainees of PwC Cyprus.

Since the establishment of the PwC's Academy in 2009, the exam results of trainees have been outstanding, with pass rates way above the ICAEW worldwide pass rates. In fact, many of our trainees have won 30+ international prizes in the ICAEW exams either coming first worldwide in individual papers (Professional or Advanced Level) or achieving a place in the overall order of merit. We are very proud of our trainees’ successes, and especially proud of one of our trainees who has achieved the perfect score of 100% in the demanding paper of Financial Accounting and Reporting. 

Looking forward to more successes!

For more information regarding PwC’s ACA professional training scheme click here.


PwC’s Academy provides tuition and support to the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) trainees and students of PwC Cyprus, as well as to non-PwC students.

We have a dedicated team of trainers who deliver the ACCA courses, including Polina Jacovidou Michael, who is the author of the Cyprus Taxation books, approved by the ACCA and used throughout Cyprus. 

Learn more

ICPAC Aptitude Test

In order to obtain a practicing certificate as a qualified accountant, one should pass the ICPAC Aptitude tests, as required by the Local Institute. These involve: 

  • Cyprus Tax

  • Cyprus Law 

These specific courses are provided only to PwC Cyprus trainees, as a benefit from the firm for the December sitting.

Our people in PwC are continuously learning and developing, ensuring they keep “skills fit” for the current and future needs of the business. 

Our learning offering includes:

  • Technical skills training (classroom and e-learning) on Audit, Tax and VAT relevant to people’s business unit and job level

  • Learning Catalogue, consisting of human skills programmes. Our programmes are categorised according to proficiency level for our people to choose the right training at each stage of their career. Our Learning Catalogue is continuously enhanced, revamped and refreshed to reflect current business needs.

  • Onboarding training for all new employees to equip them with the right knowledge on how to use our systems, learn about our culture, values and purpose and assist them with their smooth transition in the firm. 

  • Milestone training for our people to complete upon promotion. Milestone curriculums include online and classroom modular training, focusing on important skills and knowledge for our people to be more confident in their new role. 

  • Leading Teams training for people who are new in leading and managing their own teams. 

  • Reflect Development Centres where people go through a series of simulation exercises and are provided with on-the-spot feedback on their strengths and potential areas of further growth 

  • Train the Trainer course for people who are highly involved in client presentations and/or course delivery

  • Everyday Coaching and Feedback sessions to support all our people with tips and resources on having high quality conversations on wellbeing, performance, work quality and people development. 

  • Wellbeing Training to support our people adapt to unexpected changes, improve their mental clarity, build their own resilience and be able to recognise opportunities and capitalise on them. 

  • Training Badges that enable our people learn, apply and gain recognition for the new knowledge and skills that our clients and our business demand, which are shareable on professional networks media

  • Digital Upskilling Academies/Level up Sessions where our people learn to apply data wrangling and data visualisation tools

  • Access to a Global Search Platform hosting e-learning and material from different professional sources including internally designed programmes and resources from organisations such as HBR, Ted Talk, Get Abstract and others  

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