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Our seminars are addressed to a broad range of firms and professionals, both in Cyprus and overseas.  They are delivered by the tutors of Our Academy who are senior executives of our firm locally and overseas, and fellow professional trainers.   All members of our training team are considered to be experts in their field with long experience in their subject matter, ensuring they provide the highest value in learning.

We provide courses and seminars in the following areas: 


PwC’s Academy provides tuition and support to the ICAEW trainees of PwC Cyprus.  Since the establishment of The Academy in 2009, the exam results of the trainees have been outstanding with pass rates way above the ICAEW worldwide pass rates.  

In addition, since the creation of PwC's Academy in 2009 , many of the trainees of our firm have won over 20  international prizes in the ICAEW exams either coming first in individual papers or achieving a place in the overall order of merit.

 This makes the Academy especially proud and provides a challenge for even more successes!

For more information regarding the ACA professional training scheme offered by PwC Cyprus click here.



PwC’s Academy provides tuition and support to the ACCA trainees and students of PwC Cyprus as well as to non PwC students.   For more information please click here.


ICPAC Aptitude Test

PwC's Academy also provides courses for the Aptitude Test (Cyprus Law & Cyprus Tax) as required by the Local Institute, Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus (ICPAC). These specific courses are provided only to PwC Cyprus trainees. 

Technical Seminars

IFRS, Direct & Indirect Tax, Consolidation and other

Business skills seminars

Presentation skills, Coaching, Team building, Negotiations skills and other


The above seminars are offered as open to the public or they may be customised for clients’ specific needs in Cyprus or overseas. All seminars are approved for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) purposes.

PwC Cyprus and consequently the Training Program of PwC's Academy, is certified and approved by the professional body of ICAEW for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) purposes. It is also eligible for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) purposes for ACCA members.  PwC and PwC's Academy are accredited with the Investors in People Gold, by the ICAEW as Partner in Learning and by ACCA as Gold Approved Learning Provider. Also, PwC’s Academy is approved by HRDA as a Vocational Training Centre (ΚΕΚ: Κέντρο Επαγγελματικής Κατάρτισης). The courses/seminars are delivered in English and/or Greek. Participants are given a Certificate of Attendance confirming the total number of training hours which correspond to equal CPD units.


Contact us

Costas Seraphim

Head of PwC's Academy

Tel: +357-22555142

Eleni Anthimou

Administrator of PwC's Academy

Tel: +357-22555161

Mikaela Koumettou

Administrator of PwC's Academy

Tel: +357-22555643

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