Diploma for Professional Coaches & Mentors

Take your coaching skills to the next level and obtain a formal coaching accreditation! 

PwC’s Academy in collaboration with Bluesky International is offering the Diploma for Professional Coaches and Mentos for the fifth consecutive time.

The programme aims to provide participants with the theory, practice, toolbox, information, support and learning material to build coaching skills with a business focus.  It is accredited with the European Quality Award (EQA) of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and is one of the first programmes in Europe with the integrated individual coaching accreditation process (EIA).

The successful programme graduates will be awarded the Bluesky International EQA programme certificate and the EMCC European Individual Accreditation (EIA) at the Practitioner Level.

Who is it for:

Business coaches who want a more thorough grounding in coaching methodology and general improvement of their coaching skills

HR Directors or Training/OD Consultants who want to expand their knowledge and skills

Psychologists and Occupational Psychologists specialising in assessment/development who want to enhance their coaching capacity

Line Managers who want to coach more effectively as part of their management and leadership style

Retiring executives who wish to add Executive Coaching to their portfolio of consultancy activities or to make it their main offering

Aspiring coaches from a related professional background such as counselling, psychotherapy, teaching, business psychology etc.

The programme is addressed mainly to those of the above who are interested in obtaining formal, internationally recognised coaching credentials.

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