International Women's Day - PwC Women in Work Index - March 2015

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International Women's Day - PwC Women in Work Index - March 2015

The third annual update of the PwC Women in Work (WIW) Index shows that the UK rose four places to 14th position in the OECD in 2013.

The improvement in the UK’s performance is largely due to the strengthening economic recovery, which has driven improvements in female labour force participation and the reduction in female unemployment.

The Nordic countries continue to dominate the Women in Work Index. Norway remains in pole position (a position it has retained for all the years we have analysed: 2000, 2007, 2011, 2012 and 2013), followed by Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand and Finland (who have all retained their 2012 positions).

The United States and Hungary achieved notable improvements to their position on the Index, due to a narrowing of the wage gap, reduction in female unemployment and an increase in the proportion of women in full-time employment.

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