Cyprus hosts the 10th Global PwC's Academies conference

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PwC's Academy Cyprus was the proud host of the 10th Global PwC's Academies conference, which was held between 13 to 15 March 2019 at PwC's premises, Nicosia.  The theme of this year’s conference was "Transforming the way we learn" and its purpose was networking and sharing knowledge and experiences with professionals from PwC’s Academies around the world. Delegates discussed complex issues and challenges in learning, introduced innovative products and services which can be offered to support new or experienced professionals and exchanged ideas on new learning methodologies.

Experts from PwC’s Academies and other esteemed speakers covered a range of current topics such as: The workforce of the future, transforming people’s skills, digital fitness and using games in learning. During the two-day conference 50 delegates from 23 countries also had the opportunity to experience Cypriot hospitality, taste local cuisine and enjoy traditional music and dancing.  

Mr. Costas Seraphim, Head of PwC's Academy Cyprus noted that "Such events provide the opportunity to promote our country and culture as well as the quality of our human resources and our high level of education and training. The aim of PwC’s Academy is to offer specialised knowledge and current tools that can support the development of professionals and businesses and help them succeed in today's ever changing business environment”.

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