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Digital Fitness App

We’ve made our Digital Fitness app available for everyone to share with family, friends and the broader community.

Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play to download, and use the invite code “LRNALL” to get started.

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Digital Fitness in the World

Learn wherever you are – any time, any place. With the Digital Fitness Assessment app, you can stay relevant with the latest content on topics like emerging digital trends and technologies. You’ll also get insights and tips to help you navigate our new reality, including the latest on the current health crisis and strategies for working and learning remotely.

It’s more important than ever to feel connected and stay informed. That’s why we’re making our learning app available for free. Brush up on the changing landscape of business, including how disruption from new circumstances are impacting our world and changing the way we work and interact. Business considerations. Check. Health and crisis info. Check. Career development guidance? It’s right here. You’ll even find self-care tips and resources to engage your kids in elearning.

 Access the app today with invite code “LRNALL”

Apple Store

 Google Play


Our responsibility to one another begins at home, and extends to the communities where we live, work and play.

Innovation starts with you

  • Assess - After answering questions in the app, you’ll receive a Digital Fitness score. This helps you understand your overall strengths and identify gaps in your knowledge.

  • Learn - Choose a fitness plan that best suits your lifestyle and individual goals. Learn through bite-sized content tailored to help you gain new insights, spurring new ideas you can apply in your personal life, or at work.

  • Grow - You can see how much learning you’ve accomplished through the week, track progress against your goals and celebrate as your Digital Fitness score improves when you complete weekly plans.

Navigating our new reality – Resources for professional and personal well-being

  • Relevant health and business insights, including public advisories, risks and implications for the workforce. 

  • Tips and planning ideas for families during this crisis, including working remotely and tax relief.

  • Resources for K-12 education, including projects to keep children engaged, virtual classroom platforms and leading practices around virtual learning. 

  • Reliable information to help you manage self care and conversations with children in these uncertain times.

Here’s how Digital Fitness can help you during this crisis

  • Working remotely – Get tips and instruction on working from home and other helpful resources

  • Learn a new skill – Experience personalized learning

News updates – Stay in the know with advisories, public health information and anticipated business impacts

Choose from over 60 digital trend categories.

Boost your knowledge in topics that help shape behaviors, mindsets, relationships and skills.

  • Enjoy personalized content
  • Choose a digital fitness plan
  • Improve your digital fitness score

Learn at your own pace in a way that suits your style. You can watch, listen, or read your way to digital fitness. Here are just a few of the 60 subject areas covered in the app.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)



Social Media


Design Thinking

Internet of Things (IoT)

Video gaming

Cool things to know

Digital Terms you should know


Virtual Reality

Download the PwC Digital Fitness app for free. Use the invite code “LRNALL” to get started.


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