Environmental Stewardship

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We are constantly working to make our operations more environmentally efficient, by reducing the consumption of energy, printing less colored copies and measuring and reducing our carbon footprint.

As a provider of professional services PwC has a relatively low environmental footprint but believes good environmental stewardship is part of an organisation’s licence to operate.

Our overarching ambition in this area is to minimise the environmental impact of the PwC network and to be able to demonstrate our commitment to that goal externally through appropriate reporting in this area.

Staff members are systematically reminded for the various recycling methods available at our premises in an effort to create greater awareness that we can all contribute to a healthy planet.


Reduction of water usage

PwC contribute in the reduction of water usage by installing motion sensing faucet and low-flow toilets. Also the installation of dry urinals helped significantly to reduce the consumption of water.

Reduction of toxic and hazardous waste

As part of our responsibilities for the environment we also reduce toxic and hazardous waste by using only eco – friendly cleaning products. Those products refer to products with environmentally friendly ingredients designed to preserve human health and environmental quality.

Reduction of waste production

We support the efforts to promote a more sustainable society by reducing the production of our waste with the following ways:

  • Recycle of paper and batteries in all PwC Cyprus offices and recycle of PMD in our office in Nicosia
  • Use of double-sided and black and white printing which haved saved us 21% of paper.
  • Recycle of catridges

Building Facilities

For the purpose of significantly reducing energy consumption we have used materials and technologies such as thermal insulated aluminum and glazing, installed lighting system with motion sensors and used external blinds and electrical devices with increased energy efficiency.

Promote environmental awareness

During the year we have enhanced the environmental awareness of our staff. This is achieved through a range of communications e.g:

  • Awareness campaign to our staff by using video and sending e-mails
  • Placed signage for reduction of water consumption

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Director - Sustainability & European programmes

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