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Systems Implementation Assurance (SIA)

Organisations today are challenged with complex system implementations that are expected to efficiently deliver strategic and tactical business benefits without compromising the integrity of the existing environment or violating compliance requirements. Successful delivery of these implementations can significantly impact an organisation’s efficiency, reputation and market value.

With such high risks, management can benefit from gaining comfort that their implementations will achieve their intended results. PwC can help you manage these risks and deliver a successful project. 

Potential Issues:

  • You need confidence that business benefits will be appropriately identified and realised.
  • You need confidence that your projects will be completed on-time, on budget and to the required quality.
  • You need assistance in identifying how you can enhance your internal control environment to more effectively and efficiently meet your operational, regulatory and financial reporting requirements.
  • You need to purchase and implement a software system that can support your organisation as it grows, and "do this right" the first time.


How we can help you

We can assist your organisation in performing a Systems Implementation assessment to obtain comfort over:

  • Project Comfort – comfort that project objectives were achieved, including project budget, project schedule status and overall success
  • Controls Comfort – comfort that control structure within the system is sufficient to achieve relevant financial, operational and/or compliance objectives and
  • Business Comfort – comfort that structures are in place to track benefits realisation and/or solutions are realising expected benefits.

SIA can be used as an evaluation process that will provide management with a mechanism to confirm that the business and technology solution goals were achieved, validate that the benefits were realised and maintain the overall effectiveness of the solution.

We can assist you to understand the key outcomes that will determine project success and can help you identify risks that may prevent these outcomes from being achieved.

Our SIA approach provides tangible value to your project and organisation, including:

  • A clear view of the expectations of the various project stakeholders and opportunities to create efficiencies in the project, benefit and control activities based on alignment with stakeholder expectations.
  • A unique and independent perspective on relevant risks at each phase in your project, presenting an understandable view of the road blocks that could potentially prevent you from achieving project success.
  • Continuous feedback to project sponsors and project managers enabling them to proactively identify and address potential implementation risks before they significantly impact the company.
  • Transfer of knowledge, enhancing your organisation’s capabilities to successfully deliver future projects.

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