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Business Continuity Management

The speed with which modern business is transacted means that a disruption of only a few hours could have a sizeable impact on the profitability, reputation and long-term viability of an organisation. More importantly, during this current economic downturn, businesses are already feeling the pressure of significant revenue declines, disappearing profits and tightening cash flow. Losing business records or simply being "down" without access to vital customer and invoicing information can make a challenging economic climate impossible to manage through.

Business Continuity Management (BCM) provides organisations with the capability to respond to and cope with disruptions to their business.

BCM is a holistic management approach that identifies potential risks that threaten an organisation and provides a framework for building resilience and capability for an effective response that safeguards the interests of key stakeholders. 

Organisations cannot possibly prepare for every scenario but the more extensive planning and preparation, the better prepared is the organisation to react to the unexpected.

If you wish to:

  • Increase the level of your employee readiness to ensure their safety in an organised response
  • Comply with applicable regulatory and legal requirements to avoid potential penalties and litigation
  • Prioritise recovery of the organisation's business processes to achieve optimal allocation of resources focusing on protecting revenue and containing costs.
  • Customise response strategies to focus on high probability scenarions that ensure the efficient and effective allocation of the organisation's Business Continuity Plan's budget

Then PwC can help you:

  • Establish whether business continuity is applied consistenly across your organisation and ensure that any existing crisis management arrangements are fit for purpose, meet the needs of the business and are aligned with strategic priorities
  • Develop crisis management capability including appropriate structures and mechanisms for escalation, communication, decision-making and control
  • Prepare people through exercises, rehearsals and training in order to embed crisis management capability within teams and the wider business
  • Support live crisis responses through facilitation and coordination of those responding and the provision and integration of specialists and expert advisors
  • Understand where future investment should be targeted
  • Give confidence to your stakeholders, including regulators, customers and suppliers that you are protected from disruption

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Our BCM methodology incorporated five (5) phases. The phases take an organisation from prioritising core business processes and developing recovery strategies, through to creating and testing the plans for each critical business unit. This methodology will be applied to deliver our services to the critical departments at your location(s).

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