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Customer, marketing and product pricing analytics

Enterprises are now capturing substantially more data regarding customer consumption and transaction patterns, service interactions, preferences and opinions than ever before. However, they are often not always leveraging the full value of this data to engage with and improve the customer experience, enhance products and improve pricing.


Strategy, marketing and product teams are grappling with challenges ranging from  measuring and optimising return on investment across an ever-increasing range of channels to identifying the net impact of promotions on overall profitability, and proactively monitoring customer sentiment reliably, in real-time and at scale.


Using data and analytics, we help you answer questions like:

  • How should we combine digital, social and transaction data to track and manage the different needs within our customer base to drive innovation, growth and loyalty?
  • What are consumers saying about our organisation in social media, and how does this relate to what we are doing?
  • Are we delivering an appropriate experience to our high and low-value customers? Are we investing enough in the most important elements of the customer experience?
  • Where should we be allocating marketing spend to maximise ROI?
  • Are our products/propositions profitable – for some or all of our customers? Do we have the right portfolio of products?
  • How do we set pricing and promotional offers to maximise overall margin?

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