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Can your cyber strategy effectively address the risks your business faces?

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We believe cyber security and data privacy are issues that need support at board level and are not to be outsourced solely to IT teams. They require strategy and governance to get right. Our cyber security approach will be appropriate to the threat your organisation faces, as well as your risk appetite. We can work with your organisation to understand your key cyber security challenges, adapt and respond to the risks inherent in your business ecosystem, and protect the assets most critical to your brand, competitive advantage and shareholder value.

Service Areas

Cyber Strategy, Transformation & Assessment

Develop business-focused strategies that support growth by making security and privacy an enterprise-wide priority.


  • Understand your current state

Obtain an understanding of your current security posture. Identify the alignment of your current security posture to your organisational goals. See where you can improve and define your baseline.


  • A Strategy for Security

Define your target state for cyber security and IT Risk management posture. Develop the right metrics to measure your success against your goals.

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Cyber Risk Management and Compliance

Develop business-focused strategies that support growth by making security and privacy an enterprise-wide priority.


  • Risk Assessment and Appetite

Identify and assess the main Information assets of your organisation and their risks. Focus risk mitigation efforts to where it matters the most. Mitigate your risks cost-effectively. We can help you perform risk assessments and define your acceptable risk levels.


  • Governance, Risk and Compliance

Implement the right controls to keep your risk in check. Ensure that you comply to your relevant regulations. Be prepared for changes in technology, people, processes and regulations. Maintain oversight of your risk treatment activities. Adopt and adhere to international standards to prove your commitment to security and quality.


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Cyber Culture Transformation: Training & Awareness

Develop business-focused strategies that support growth by making security and privacy an enterprise-wide priority.


  • From weakest link to strongest sensor

Empower your employees to detect and report security incidents. Improve awareness of your employees to ensure that security incidents are stopped at their source, the human-computer interface. We can help you design and deliver awareness programmes for your staff.


  • Specialised training for specialised staff

Different staff members require different training. Provide bespoke training for your IT, developers, HR and any other employee class tailored to their specific roles and the security threats they face. Leverage our experience in specialised training.


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Information Security Officer (ISO) as a Service

Develops and Maintains

Executes and Manages

  • Security strategy and related security roadmap
  • Security Policies and Standards
  • Incident Response Protocols
  • Risk Assessment Criteria and Methodology
  • Capital and Operating Budget 


  • Activities and personnel of the Security Team
  • Security Control deployment 
  • Pen Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Risk Assessments
  • Resource Allocation
  • Incident Readiness




  • Potential Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Possible Breaches
  • Risk Posture


  • Leadership – Executive and Businesses
  • Board of Directors
  • External Stakeholders


Collaborates Advises


  • Other Functions
  • Legal
  • Compliance
  • IT
  • Audit



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