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Do you have a data governance strategy to minimise your exposure?

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As companies pivot towards a digital business model, exponentially more data is generated and shared among organisations, partners and customers. Digital information has now become the lifeblood of today’s business ecosystem and is increasingly valuable to both organizations and skilled threat actors. Multiplying cyberthreats and the increasingly demanding regulatory environment have made an effective data governance strategy a critical business requirement. Our team includes experts in consulting, cybersecurity, legal, risk, forensics and strategists who can help you build confidence in your digital future through protecting your data assets and minimising your exposures.

General Data Protection Regulation

In a post GDPR live environment, businesses need to operationalise their day-to-day data protection activities and prepare for the emerging reality of personal data breaches. PwC, with its strong multidisciplinary team, can help.


Holistic Privacy and Consumer Protection


Implementation Roadmap & Support

  • Roadmap Definition - Achieve desired privacy protection. 
  • Privacy Controls - Implement and support in  operation


Readiness Assessment

  • Identify Privacy Related Processes – in the business and the supporting IT 
  • Measure privacy risk - Determine next steps on where the most risk lies


Data Registers & Flow Maps

  • Data Registers - Maintain visibility of privacy-relevant information, its location and applied protection. 
  • Data Flows – track the journey of personal data and ensure is protected throughout



  • Data Protection Officer – Leverage a PwC privacy expert
  • Executive Privacy Decisions
  • Advise on Privacy Matters – Incorporate privacy in new enterprises


Privacy Impact Assessments

  • Privacy Impact Assessments - Evaluate and rank privacy risks. 
  • Drive data protection decisions based on identified data privacy risks.

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Data Privacy Transformation

Develop a privacy programme compliant with global data-privacy regulations and use data as an asset for the benefit of your organisation.


  • Privacy by design and by default

Create processes that have embedded principles for privacy by design and by default, and review existing processes to ensure compliance with the privacy requirements, taking into account the organisation’s Data Governance.

  • GDPR and Privacy training

Create tailored approach of Data Protection training across your organisation which can include e-learning courses, workshops for groups and/or in person workshops for key stakeholders.


  • GDPR Compliance Monitoring

Review your organisation’s compliance with the GDPR provisions through the existing operational controls, identify privacy gaps as per the GDPR and provide solutions for non-compliance issues identified.


  • DPO Services

Offer DPO as a service, where PwC is appointed as DPO with the Data Protection Commissioner, or provide support to your current DPO to monitor compliance with the GDPR within your organization.



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