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Is your environment resilient against cyber-attacks?

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There are many cyber security solutions on the market. Often organisations purchase tools off the back of an incident or as a result of audit findings. But reactive spending on cyber security solutions does not necessarily provide long-term security. Our team can help you make the most out of your investment by helping you identify the solutions that best meet your needs, reviewing your architecture and implementation and ensuring that the right decisions are taken to secure your organisation in the light of a complex threat landscape.

Service Areas

Enterprise Security Architecture

Structuring a cost-effective and efficient network architecture which optimally addresses your cyber security needs can propel your transformation and support your growth.


  • Enterprise Security Architecture Review

Assess your current network infrastructure’s cybersecurity posture by analyzing and reviewing your network design and current security technologies deployed within your network. Identify areas of improvement and establish a roadmap for next steps.


  • Vendor Evaluation Support

Document your requirements, assist you in building the business case and roadmap for new product introduction in your enterprise security and support you in evaluating vendors and solutions.


  • Secure Change Management Implementation

Support you in building an effective change management process to underpin your infrastructure’s secure operation including the implementation of effective patching cycles, change-procedure optimization, contingency planning etc.

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Build & Configuration Review

Building trust in your digital future relies on being confident that your infrastructure can remain resilient in the face of attacks. A robust and securely built environment, hardened following industry best practices, can deliver resilience for your business-critical operations.


  • Network Security Device Build & Configuration Review

Review the configuration and security policies of network security devices such as Firewalls, IDS/IPS, Email Gateways, Web Proxies, Sandboxing, DDoS Protection, DLP. 

Propose potential changes on network security device policy and configuration that will immediately deliver performance enhancements and improve the organization's security posture.


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