Government & Public Services Sector

There is a world-wide need for Government and Public Services organisations to adjust to the new “normal” of “doing more with less” and focus on the outcomes society needs and wants. This new reality is even more profound in Cyprus where, as a result of commitments undertaken as part of the Financial Assistance Agreement, there is a need to implement in a short space of time structural reforms that would otherwise have taken a great number of years. The reform vision of the Public Services focuses on concepts like citizen- centricity, value for money, strategic prioratisation, public value, results orientation, accountability, transparency, efficiency, agility ....


Our focus

Central Government / Ministries

In facing up to the great challenge of reform, we focus in supporting Central Government achieve effective implementation. For example, we support efforts around transformation, skills and capacity building and operational efficiencies.

Local Authorities / Municipalities

With increasing constraints on funding combined with ever escalating citizen demands and pressures on the delivery of public services, challenges for Local Authorities are becoming increasingly important. In PwC we recognise that Municipalities are a key engine of sustainable growth and therefore we are actively involved in various projects aiming at enhancing their operational effectiveness and securing their sustainability.


Privatisations is a dominant feature in the local economic debate and will have significant short and long term consequences on the financial landscape of Cyprus. In PwC we are combining our experience from our global network with our local expertise in order to facilitate the optimisation of benefits for the Cyprus government and the economy at large.

Private Public Partnerships (PPPs)

We stand ready to provide services to the Government and local authorities in potential PPPs projects, as soon as the relevant regulatory framework is approved. We are in a position to offer high standard services drawn from our experience in landmark PPP projects such as the Larnaca and Paphos airports and the Limassol marina and a number of smaller projects.

EU Funds

EU funds are currently one of the most important sources of funding for Cyprus. In PwC we are working closely with the
relevant authorities assisting in maximising the absorption of EU funds in the Cyprus economy.


Our specialisations

In order to support the Public Sector in its current challenges we are mobilising a multi disciplinary team combining the following competencies:

  • Restructuring and reorganisation
  • Transformation
  • Operational effectiveness
  • Process re-engineering
  • People management (includingn performance appraisal and reward systems)
  • Project management
  • Sustainability
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