Hospitality & Leisure

Addressing Challenges

Hospitality industry business sectors are highly sensitive to economic and competitive market conditions and are capital, management, marketing, personnel, energy, maintenance and technology intensive.

Our professionals offer vast experience with the following hospitality sectors: lodging, gaming, food service, convention centers, timeshare/interval ownership, cruise tourism, sports arenas, theme parks and other leisure real estate entities such as integrated resorts.

Providing Solutions

With more specialists dedicated to the hospitality and leisure industry than any other firm in Cyprus, PwC teams provide advice and know-how to hospitality and leisure owners, franchisors, management, lenders, investors, creditors, business organisations, government entities, local authorities and product and service providers. Our professionals offer in-depth market and financial analysis, economic and statistical research and analysis, performance improvement, due diligence, valuation and dispute services.

Our specialties

  • Business Strategy

  • Our professionals offer transaction, performance improvement and other strategy and business planning services to effectively focus the direction and resources of our clients.
  • Transaction Support/Due Diligence

  • Our approach, whether for single asset purchases or a portfolio, is to study the market conditions, competitive positioning and threats, repositioning potential, reporting integrity and value.
  • Valuation

  • Our professionals perform valuations and appraisals for single assets to large-scale, full-service resort and luxury properties, to entire portfolios of assets. We are able to guide our clients in strategizing or enacting physical and operational improvements that can enhance entity values.
  • Market Analysis

  • Understanding existing and changing supply and demand market situations are critical to many of our clients. Whether placing debt, investing equity or entering into a franchise or management relationship, understanding the underlying dynamics of a market is a critical component to making an informed decision. Our experienced hospitality and leisure professionals provide numerous related services, including: site selection and analysis, market research, supply and demand analysis and financial evaluation.
  • Performance Improvement

  • By examining performance with both comparable and standard costs, our operational specialists can identify areas for improvement in revenue enhancements and cost reductions, and develop and jointly implement actionable recommendations.
  • Economics & Statistics

  • We assist clients in understanding past and future lodging industry trends, and the correlation of these trends to macroeconomic developments and implications for specific businesses.
  • Realized Value

  • Continued economic analysis combined with professional guidance can be the difference between a profitable organization and a highly profitable one. Realizing the maximum value of your assets equates to increased profits and shareholder value.