Energy companies know too well that they should adopt a medium to long term perspective when it comes to achieving sustainable growth, especially during times of significant volatility like the ones we have been experiencing the last few years. Despite the severe fluctuations in the prices of oil and gas, investment in R&D, people and technology need to continue. Complying with often complex regulatory requirements, cost containment and control improvement are only a few of the challenges faced.

How PwC can help you

In PwC Cyprus we work with a large number of international and local energy companies in all operational areas of the oil and gas industry. We have a local multi-disciplined team of dedicated professionals and we work closely with a number of our 3,000 full time network specialists, who are primarily located in PwC Centres of Excellence for oil and gas in key energy regions of the world.

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Constantinos Taliotis
Partner, Assurance & Advisory, In charge of Energy team
Tel: +357-22555000
Fax: +357-22555001
Andri Hadjikkou
Director - Assurance and Advisory
Tel: +357-22555530
Fax: +357-22555001
Lisa Anne Ioannou
Director - Assurance & Advisory
Tel: +357-22555540
Fax: +357-22555001