Health & Safety

The purpose of a Health & Safety system is to provide employees with general guidelines for implementing a high quality safety program within its operations. Aiming to prevent injuries, illnesses, and death from work related causes and to minimize losses of material resources and interruptions from accidental occurrences.

Cyprus Law ‘On the management of Occupational Health and Safety No. 173/2002’ specifies that each employer employing more than 5 persons must:

  • posses a documented risk assessment for the Health & Safety of their employees as well as the definition of the necessary actions for the prevention of accidents as well as occupational desease
  • develop a Health & Safety management system that would manage the preventive measures defined above as well as improve the organisation’s performance

If this is your situation

You must ensure that your organization complies with the Cyprus Law.

  • You need to ensure that all appropriate precautions and measures have been performed, tested and implemented in accordance with the guidelines.
  • You must develop a Health & Safety management system which provides employees with a safe and healthful place of employment and identifies hazardous conditions. This will ensure that all recognized hazards can be eliminated or controlled as quickly as possible, subject to priorities based upon the degree of risk.
  • You must explore the method of hazard control within your operation which is both technically and economically feasible.

How can PwC help you

We can provide you with an overall evaluation of your status and assist in:

  • establishing a Health & Safety management system to eliminate or minimize risk to employees and other interested parties who may be exposed to such risks;
  • implementing, maintaining and continually improving your management system;
  • establishing that the Company conforms with its stated policy and meets legislative and regulatory requirements;
  • undertaking a self-assessment and declaration of conformance as required by law.